Adapt, Evolve, or Become Extinct

Today was a big day for us trend trackers - Apple officially announced the iPad which has the potential to yet again change the way we live and do business. I'm already lusting after it, because I see it as the future as in how I can run my business when I am out of town as well as a way I can hopefully cut out some of my handwritten notes that even I can't understand my own handwriting. Will it change the world as we know it? I've learned to never underestimate what Apple and Steve Jobs can bring to the table so you never know - maybe it will. And I will be the first to express my unconditional love for my "geniuses" at my favorite Apple store (Dallas - NorthPark - they are the best!) - they have made it possible for me to do things I never thought could be possible without another 5 or 10 employees and a lot of consultants.
I just got back from the International Builders Show and it was more evident than ever that we need to be open to how quickly our buyers needs and expectations are changing or we will quickly become extinct. Apple is a great success story of how a company refuses to sit on it's successes - every day they are pushing the envelope and coming up with new ways to make our lives much more interesting while listening to the customer and making the experience "all about them".

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