Helping To Find a Cure For MS

I was shocked to find out a few years ago that a woman I always called my fairy godmother because of how much she had done for me and my career was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She really showed me the real New York City by sharing her friends, sources, restaurants and the other things that make New York such a special place.

Because Babette has never been a person to sit around and feel sorry for herself she started Team Hanky Paws to help raise money to find a cure for everyone afflicted with this disease. I got this form Babette today, and I hope that you will consider helping Babette and everyone else affected by MS.

Dear All,
Only 28 days to our Walk MS, I thought I’d tell you how team HANKY PAWS (the team, not the dog) was born…hoping I’d curry favor for a donation. If you can send $5 because it’s tax time (or whatever - no need to tell me) I’d be thrilled and grateful. So, I'll trade you a story for a donation:
I never had to tell my mother, but I couldn’t keep it my father, Hal. The only time I saw him cry tears of sadness was one time before, when Doris (our mother and his wife of 56 years) died. I dreaded his reaction - what had he done wrong? What had he done to me? It was horrible.
I’ve always felt it much harder on family and friends.
Hal was desperate to do something. He’d donate to The Society, but not a man of means, I decided we'd form an MS Walk Team. We walked 2 or 3 in NY, 1 in Rye Playland (see photo: L-R Valerie- our great friend from Croton who showed up to support HANKY PAWS, Tony Brown & Hal Holland holding Hank and Ruby).
This was the last MSWalk Hal went on.He still raced up and down the hills and had a wonderful time.
He passed away the following year and I couldn't walk without him, my heart broken, for a while after that. Now I also Walk because of him. Yesterday was his birthday and someday I hope to tell him on his birthday that HANKY PAWS is out of business - that they’ve found the Cure for MS.
I’m writing as I hope those of you who have donated before will do so again - $5.00 , $10, $20 -or whatever you can. Those that never have, that this will be your year to send $5.00 or more
For a tax deductible donation, please click below:
Babette’s link

Hanky Paws Link

If you cannot help at all, consider telling someone else about HANKY PAWS by posting our links anywhere, if you can. Everyone knows someone living with Multiple Sclerosis.
Thank you so much. Hope you’re all doing and feeling very well.
I’m so grateful and I know that Hal would be, too.
With love and great thanks,
Babette, Tony, Nancy, Ibo, Hank and Ruby