Living Your Life with Style

Welcome! I'm so excited to have this new forum to discuss Lifestylist Design and share some of the exciting projects we've been working on. Come back soon!


  1. Hi! This is about your message regarding my daughter's blog, The City Lifestylist, which you pointed out to be a "violation" since the term "lifestylist" has been registered toyou. I am surprised that my daughter began her blog on March 29 and Blogger allowed her to use the name which she thought up herself. Your first blog entry is dated April 1.

    We are in the Philippines. Does your registration affect us? And if your registration covers Blogger, shouldn't it have informed her that the name is not allowed?

    Please clarify as this is very disappointing to my daughter.


  2. Hi!

    When I registered for Blogger, they allowed me to use Within my blog posts, I called myself "The Lifestylist" not knowing the name was taken. I shall henceforth call myself "The CityLifeStylist."

    Thank you!