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2020 is finally behind us and we can't wait to share what's new for the Lifestylist Brands in 2021! Stay Tuned-

Happy Thanksgiving!

What's Mine is not Yours: Intellectual Property

Seth Godin is my guru. He is so no-nonsense but funny at times, intellectual but down to earth, and what I really love about him is that he can get a point across faster than anyone else I know. His Purple Cow book started me on a new road to being more involved in marketing and social media so I'm forever grateful. When I worked on the Purple Cow House Campaign with Patriot Homes I made sure to get permission from Mr. Godin, and we credited him for the phrase (and gave out his Purple Cow Book).

Today I got a great post from him titled "Simple Thoughts About Fair Use". So timely, and as always so well written. In this new blogging, social world I'm always stunned to see how many people are using other people's photography, ads, brands, and stories without permission. This article is a must-read for anyone who is even thinking about posting on Facebook, Twitter, or a blog and using someone's text or images.

I'm fortunate enough to have access to a very talented photographer - Lisa Stewart of Lisa Stewart Photography. The images you see in my blogs, on my Lifestylist Design Facebook page , and on my website have been shot specifically for my use. I do that so I'm not using other people's work and having copyright infringements.

Lifestylist® is a term that I successfully trademarked in 2002 - my registration number is 2583235. I'm very proud of this because I thought I had a good idea and made the extra effort do "do the right thing" and spend the time, effort, and money to trademark it. You would be amazed at how much time I've had to spend since them protecting my mark because people haven't bothered to do their homework and see that it's trademarked before they use it in their own businesses.

Before you decide that you have discovered the next great phrase, or "borrow" a photo from someone else be sure to read Seth's post. Wondering where to learn more about these topics? The US Patent and Trademark Office has a great site, and it is also where you can search trademark registrations and applications.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Cottages 6
It's hard to believe that's it's been 10 years since Katrina set her eye on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. So much of the media was focused on New Orleans, but the entire Gulf Coast especially in Mississippi has yet to fully recover from her wrath.
When it became obvious that here was going to be extensive loss of housing , the Manufactured Housing Institute and the manufactured housing community sprung into action to make sue that people would have a place to live that was safe.
A few years after the storm MHI's magazine: Modern Homes had an article written by Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber with photography by Lisa Stewart Photography that shared what progress had been made, and what an important part of the rebuilding process manufactured housing played.
You can read a copy of the article here.

Celebrating the 4th of July

Flying free - hoping that you are enjoying this picture perfect 4th of July.

Great Gadgets For The Kitchen

I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets. Some people collect clothes or jewelry - a cool new food processor or whisk is what makes my eyes light up.

With the holidays right around the corner, here are some of my favorites for the kitchen.

KitchenAid - K45SSWH Classic Stand Mixer (4.5-Quart, 250-Watt, White)

KitchenAid - K45SSWH Classic Stand Mixer (4.5-Quart, 250-Watt, White)

Any good home cook needs a stand mixer, and the KitchenAid brand is sturdy and easy to use. Love the bread hook attachments.

KitchenAid - K45SSWH Classic Stand Mixer (4.5-Quart, 250-Watt, White) - $249.99, Free shipping - Available at Newegg.com

(17 reviews)

Masterbuilt - 20070411 Electric Digital Smokehouse Smoker (Window, 30 in., and RF Controller)

Masterbuilt - 20070411 Electric Digital Smokehouse Smoker (Window, 30 in., and RF Controller)

Nothing improves barbecue more than a great smoker, and this one is awesome. It's really easy to use and clean, and the meat is delicious.

Masterbuilt - 20070411 Electric Digital Smokehouse Smoker (Window, 30 in., and RF Controller) - $279.99, Free shipping - Available at Amazon.com

(155 reviews)

Hamilton Beach - 22502 Digital 2 Slice Toaster Multicolor - 22502 PSA280-1

Hamilton Beach - 22502 Digital 2 Slice Toaster Multicolor - 22502 PSA280-1

A great toaster is a must have for every kitchen. I love this one because it's big enough to toast bagels.

Hamilton Beach - 22502 Digital 2 Slice Toaster Multicolor - 22502 PSA280-1 - $33.86, See Site shipping - Available at Overstock.com

(4 reviews)

Hamilton Beach - White/Black Oval Slow Cooker (4 Quart)

Hamilton Beach - White/Black Oval Slow Cooker (4 Quart)

I love to make soups, stews, and other slow cooked meals, so a slow cooker is a must have for me. I love how much this one holds- you can make huge batches and eat for days!

Hamilton Beach - White/Black Oval Slow Cooker (4 Quart) - $32.99, See Site shipping - Available at Overstock.com

(4 reviews)

Keurig - Elite K45 Black Coffee Maker (1 Cup)

Keurig - Elite K45 Black Coffee Maker (1 Cup)

I'm up early, so I need my coffee. The Keurig machines are great- I love that this makes 1 cup at a time instead of a whole pot

Keurig - Elite K45 Black Coffee Maker (1 Cup) - $119.99, 8.95 shipping - Available at Bealls Florida

(5 reviews)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Helping To Find a Cure For MS

I was shocked to find out a few years ago that a woman I always called my fairy godmother because of how much she had done for me and my career was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She really showed me the real New York City by sharing her friends, sources, restaurants and the other things that make New York such a special place.

Because Babette has never been a person to sit around and feel sorry for herself she started Team Hanky Paws to help raise money to find a cure for everyone afflicted with this disease. I got this form Babette today, and I hope that you will consider helping Babette and everyone else affected by MS.

Dear All,
Only 28 days to our Walk MS, I thought I’d tell you how team HANKY PAWS (the team, not the dog) was born…hoping I’d curry favor for a donation. If you can send $5 because it’s tax time (or whatever - no need to tell me) I’d be thrilled and grateful. So, I'll trade you a story for a donation:
I never had to tell my mother, but I couldn’t keep it my father, Hal. The only time I saw him cry tears of sadness was one time before, when Doris (our mother and his wife of 56 years) died. I dreaded his reaction - what had he done wrong? What had he done to me? It was horrible.
I’ve always felt it much harder on family and friends.
Hal was desperate to do something. He’d donate to The Society, but not a man of means, I decided we'd form an MS Walk Team. We walked 2 or 3 in NY, 1 in Rye Playland (see photo: L-R Valerie- our great friend from Croton who showed up to support HANKY PAWS, Tony Brown & Hal Holland holding Hank and Ruby).
This was the last MSWalk Hal went on.He still raced up and down the hills and had a wonderful time.
He passed away the following year and I couldn't walk without him, my heart broken, for a while after that. Now I also Walk because of him. Yesterday was his birthday and someday I hope to tell him on his birthday that HANKY PAWS is out of business - that they’ve found the Cure for MS.
I’m writing as I hope those of you who have donated before will do so again - $5.00 , $10, $20 -or whatever you can. Those that never have, that this will be your year to send $5.00 or more
For a tax deductible donation, please click below:
Babette’s link

Hanky Paws Link

If you cannot help at all, consider telling someone else about HANKY PAWS by posting our links anywhere, if you can. Everyone knows someone living with Multiple Sclerosis.
Thank you so much. Hope you’re all doing and feeling very well.
I’m so grateful and I know that Hal would be, too.
With love and great thanks,
Babette, Tony, Nancy, Ibo, Hank and Ruby

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at The Lifestylist Brands would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with family, friends, love and great food!

African Orphans Send Message of Hope to Tornado Survivors

My sister and her family live in Edmond, Oklahoma and are one of the lucky families that have a storm shelter. Tornadoes touched down near them last weekend but what happened to them was nothing like what happened to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

Last Summer they had an unbelievable experience - they packed up trunks and suitcases full of shoes, clothes, blankets, and other needed items and headed to Maisha International Orphanage - an amazing labor of love in Kisumu, Kenya. The stories and images they brought back are life changing, and it's a great reminder of how a small donation or offering can be life changing to these kids.

The beautiful souls at Maisha wanted to do something for their friends in Oklahoma City and Moore, and made this video as a way of showing their love and support. What a great reminder this Memorial Day weekend how precious life is and we all need to live ours to the fullest.

Salvation Army Lends a Helping Hand in Moore Oklahoma

Salvation Army Hurricane 6Salvation Army Hurricane 7Salvation Army Hurricane 1

It's heartbreaking to watch the news today and see the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma. My sister and her family live in Edmond, OK and I have clients that have land lease communities very close to where the tornado touched down. Sam - my nephew and favorite Jr Lifestylist spent the afternoon in their storm shelter a few days ago having a picnic with his pets -I'm so glad that he made sure they were safe as well as his family.
People always think that "trailer parks" or "mobile home parks" are the worst places to be during a disaster like this, but that just isn't true. I was glad to hear that the Yes! Communities in this area only sustained hail and wind damage and no one was hurt. Their on-site managers made sure that everyone got to where they needed to be and are now busy helping them get emergency supplies and repairs. That's one of the advantages of living in a well run land lease community - there's always someone there to help.
If you would like to help the people of Moore that were affected by the storm, I encourage you to donate to the Salvation Army. They truly do the most good with every dollar that is donated.

Color Spotting

I do love being a Lifestylist®, and getting the opportunity to travel across the country meeting new people and spotting new trends. Recently I was up in the 1,000 Island area of NY and spent a day just driving and looking at the magnificent architecture and natural beauty of that area.
When I found this little cabin tucked by the river I fell in love - especially with the brightly colored Adirondack Chairs in the front of it. Of course I took a picture and never forgot what a great, happy look this was.
Then the other day I was walking through Home Depot and found these bright, happy chairs and I had to have them! Especially since they were only $12.00 each and maintenance free. I love what a difference they made in the backyard of the Idea Factory - even when I'm not out reading a book or birdwatching on them I love just being able to look out the window and seeing the burst of color.
It's easy to use an accent of color to wake up any space. It can be done with pillows in a living room, towels in a bath or with plates in a dining room. Great, fun design doesn't have to be expensive - you just need to be brave enough to try different ideas out.